The World of Ilona

Ilona is a world in turmoil. What were once farms and pastures have become breeding grounds for evil beasts that ravage the countryside, roads crumble slowly as they are reclaimed by the primal forest and temples lie desecrated and forgotten.

Once, the empire of Tyrinias had pushed the darkness to the fringes of Ilona and forged a civilization that kept its citizens safe but it has been over a millennia since its grand cities were ransacked by barbarians and monsters and its once vibrant culture, a force that propelled its boarders across the entire continent, has faded into the memories of an ineffectual and often absent nobility.

The light hasn’t been snuffed out completely, though. There are still pockets of civilization but they are isolated and disorganized and the people living there can be suspicious and cruel. There are also the ancient ruins of once proud fortifications and cities that jut like scars from deep forests and mist soaked planes. These are dark places where ancient magic lures the civilized and the chaotic alike. You can be sure that monsters live there along with ancient treasures that lay buried and waiting.

Your Place In Ilona

The world of Ilona has big opportunities for those who are willing to brave the darkness. Not many people venture out into the long uncharted wilderness to plunder what secrets lie there and those that do can strike it rich.

That’s not to say the life of an adventurer is going to be easy. You are far more likely to end up bleeding out onto the floor of a forgotten dungeon than you are to secure its ancient treasures. Then again, it wouldn’t be much fun otherwise.

You are a member of an adventuring company based in the city of Esteredge. You live by your wits and your weapon. You can find jobs for pay that require your adventuring skills or you can go hunting for riches with nothing more than a rumor and a backpack. It’s completely up to you.


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